Pine Island Free Farm

2024 Work Share Program

Pine Island Free Farm is a fast-growing farm with a diverse set of responsibilities. Community members are encouraged to join this effort by exchanging labor for a 2024 Farm Share (CSA) membership. All necessary training and tools will be provided. Work Share opportunities include:

Heavy Body Work

  • Removing and moving bulk plant matter
  • Moving and spreading compost
  • Raking and preparing beds
  • Moving and stacking boxes

Light Body Work

  • Harvesting vegetables
  • Washing vegetables
  • Packing vegetables
  • Sorting vegetables

Light Hand Work

  • Preparing seedling trays
  • Seeding and labeling trays
  • Preparing and labeling produce boxes

Apprentice Work

  • Assisting with the produce beds
  • Assisting with the grain rows
  • Assisting with the livestock pastures
  • Assisting with the tree alleys
  • Assisting with the bee yard
  • Assisting with the physics garden
  • Assisting with the temple

Discourse Work

  • Agronomists
  • Cosmologists
  • Mathematicians
  • Philosophers
  • Theologians
  • Veterinarians

If you would like to sign up for the 2024 Work Share Program, please write to me — — with your desired work responsibilities and we will start a conversation! Thank you for your consideration.